Tubular Structures in Architecture


Publication Date: 2011-01-31
Author: Mick Eekhout
Editor: TU Delft - CIDECT
Edition: 2nd

This book describes the possibilities of architectural design of tubular structures, from the point of view of Mick Eekhout, who has acquired great experience as an independent architect in Delft and who has now turned entirely toward the development, manufacture and the realisation of three dimensional structures for buildings and architecture, in the setting of his Octatube Company in Delft. His specific concepts for spatial structures and glazed structures are applied all over the world. From his point of view, there must be continuous interaction between manufacturer, assembly / installation and calculation / conception.

Structural systems and the perfection of details await the initiatives of the technical architect to carry the state of the tubular structure art towards the highest levels and to accomplish a exciting integration in architecture.

CIDECT has stimulated and sustained the writing of this book from which extends the panoramic vision of professor Eekhout who has the chair of Product Development at the faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology of Delft. The author brilliantly moves our attention from pure technology towards a subtle combination between architecture and construction technique.