Presentation and Layout

Each lecture will consist of: 



A summary sheet for the tutor: the summary sheet (1 or 2 pages) provides the teachers a short summary, the objective of the lecture, the pre-requisites and some notes for the tutor, for example the estimated lecturing time


A PowerPoint presentation: the PowerPoint presentations are directly ready for being used by a teacher. However, as said in Section 2, the user may customise them by adding his name and/or logo and name of his school, university or company


A lecture text: the lectures will provide details concerning the presented material, i.e. the concepts and principles of the Eurocode 3, some design rules as well as explanations about their background. In addition, for some lectures detailed worked examples are provided. These worked examples are all collated within Module 7.


All lectures are presented in a format, that on the right hand side of the main text, references the relevant sections and clauses in the Eurocodes, so that the reader can easily find the link between the lectures and the Eurocodes.


Note: In order to give the user the possibility to modify the text of the lecture, they are provided as Microsoft Word file (format MS Word 2003). However, as it happens sometimes, the formatting of the files may change according to the local settings of the user’s PC. Therefore, PDF versions of all lectures are provided, presenting the lectures in the original layout.