Dissemination, copyright and disclaimer

The CIDECT lectures have been prepared with the financial support of CIDECT. However, they are made available without any copyright.

The full set of lectures is available at the CIDECT web site (www.cidect.com), and can be downloaded for free. Since the files are not protected, it is explicitly allowed that the user modifies the content of the PowerPoint presentations and of the lectures according to his personal needs. The user may even customise the material by using his own name and the name and logo of his school, university or company. However CIDECT would appreciate if a reference to the CIDECT organisation and to the origin of the material is kept.

Care has been taken to ensure that all data and information in the CIDECT lectures is factual and that numerical values are accurate. To the best of our knowledge, all information in the CIDECT lectures is accurate at the time of publication. CIDECT, its members and the authors assume no responsibility for errors or misinterpretation of the information contained in these lectures or in its use. The CIDECT lectures are provides “as they are” and the authors will not be able to accept further assistance or help with respect to the content or background of the lectures.