Design Guide 7

For fabrication, assembly and erection of hollow section structures



This seventh manual of the CIDECT collection "Construction with Hollow Steel Sections", treats the main aspects of manufacture, assembly and installation of structures in hollow profiles, that must be taken into consideration to obtain a secure, economic and architecturally pleasing construction.

This manual is designed for architects, estimators and manufacturers to give to each of them a preview and an understanding of the necessary requirements for the economic dimensioning of structures using hollow profiles in steel. In all types of constructions, it is essential that these three parties have the same understanding of the whole of the industrial chain.

This manual contains technical information on elementary constructive arrangements, methods, of assembly (welding, bolting etc.), constructive details and their influence on the resistance of the assembly, hot and cold bending, manufacture in factory or on the site, transport, large unit installation.

Certain economic aspects which can affect the global cost of the construction are also handled.