Design Guide 6

For structural hollow sections in mechanical applications



This sixth manual of the set of works by the CIDECT under the general title "Construction with Hollow Steel Sections" is destined to encourage projects and products engineers, inventors and manufacturers to examine the excellent mechanical, architectural and structural qualities of hollow profiles in steel compared to those of the other open profiles, and to dedicate a little time to study a project or a product to see if the utilisation of hollow profile in steel would improve techniques and, what is probably more important, would lead to savings.

In order to compensate for a specific lack of knowledge in the field of construction in hollow profiles, which is, often the case among mechanical construction engineers, this manual not only offers advice concerning manufacture, assembly and installation, but recommends methods to use for static and fatigue calculations. Above all, this work, contains many examples of constructions in various fields, which will help the reader to understand suitable procedures for the utilisation of these profiles.

Thanks to the international co-ordination of researches and the technical projects of the CIDECT (International Committee for the Development and the survey of the Tubular Construction) unified calculation recommendations have been introduced in the International and European codes of dimensioning of structures in circular hollow and rectangular profiles in steel.