Design Guide 5

For concrete filled hollow section columns under static and seismic loading



One of the main physical properties of a hollow profile is its optimal efficiency, superior to all other structural elements, in resisting compression. In filling the hollow profile with concrete, one, increase its structural capacity considerably or, potentially, one decreases, for a given load, clutter in reducing the section of a pillar.

An excellent resistance to fire is also obtained in this way, without having ecourse to external protection. This aspect is already the object of a precedent dimensioning guide. This guide is the fifth in the set of works by the CIDECT under the general title "Construction with Hollow Steel Sections".

It is destined to help engineers and businessmen anxious to use concrete filled hollow profiles as pillars, as much in buildings as in bridges, under static loads but also under seismic conditions because these profiles behave remarkably in earthquakes.