Design Guide 3, 2nd edition

For rectangular hollow section (RHS) joints under predominantly static loading



This guide of dimensioning, the third in the set of works by the CIDECT under the general title "Construction with Hollow Steel Sections" is dedicated to the calculation of plane and spatial assemblies, welded and bolted, of hollow profiles of either square or rectangular shape. Special attention is paid to the behaviour of assemblies and to the main parameter analysis which govern this behaviour.

Recommended calculation formulas are based on simplified analytic models and on many experimental tests. They are accompanied by diagrams and examples in order to help in their understanding.

Thanks to the international activities co-ordinated at the technical level of the CIDECT, (International Committee for the Development and the survey of the Tubular Construction), unified recommendations, concerning the dimensioning of tubular structures, using rectangular hollow section have been introduced in the new International and European regulations for the calculation of steel constructions.