Design Guide 1, 1st edition

For circular hollow section (CHS) joints under predominantly static loading

replaced by Design Guide 1, 2nd Edition



This book is the first of a set of works by the CIDECT, dedicated to the calculation of constructions in hollow profiles, – circular and rectangular – in steel, in the field of structural and mechanical engineering.

The continual growth of hollow profile utilisation has led to an intense research activity, in particular during the last twenty years. The CIDECT (Committee International for the Development and the Study of Tubular construction) has contributed extensively to these researches. These years have seen the development of new relative International and European regulations in the calculation of structures. Thanks to the international activities co-ordinated at the technical level of the CIDECT, unified recommendations, concerning tubular structures, have been introduced in most of these regulations.

This booklet is dedicated to calculation methods and design procedures of welded and bolted assemblies of circular hollow profiles. The main factors which intervene in the determination of structural capacity of assemblies, are taken into account, for loads considered as static. Computer examples illustrate dimensioning procedures and show how one can achieve secure and economic dimensioning.